About the Publicity Whiz

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Publicity is an essential part of building a brand and gaining credibility and visibility in your markets. A brand becomes trusted over time through information, events, and activities. Customers want to read about what you are selling and what you are doing.

The first step on the public relations train is the preparation of well-written content containing relevant story angles that will capture the attention of reporters and editors, resulting in publicity.

A veteran public relations professional, the Publicity Whiz specializes in writing background information and collateral materials that support any PR program.  The Whiz produces press releases, by-lined articles, brochures, press kits, and online content to create news that will result in publicity.

Getting publicity starts with identifying the message, the heart of the subject, and the details and facts that become the core of an elegant and comprehensive presentation.

If you want to know more about how your company can create news and get publicity, both offline and online, contact the Publicity Whiz.

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