Websites for Doctors

Should Doctors Have Websites?

Prior to the digital age, doctors and lawyers thought it was unprofessional to advertise or promote their services. Most of the time, they received new patients and clients through referrals. One person would tell another about a good doctor or a reputable lawyer.

Of course, all that has changed. Lawyers advertise on TV and in magazines, and so do doctors. Everyone in the universe is promoting themselves through the Internet and through public relations and advertising. So the big question now is: Should a doctor have a website? Does a doctor or medical practitioner need a website?

Here are 7 reasons why doctors need a website and blog:

  • People are looking for specific types of doctors to treat their medical conditions.
  • Doctors specialize in specific areas of medicine. People with medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or gastrointestinal ailments will search for these terms to find doctors.
  • People are looking for information about their symptoms. Doctors can provide educational information on their websites.
  • People want to see what the doctor looks like. It makes them feel more comfortable before starting with a new doctor.
  • The website is a good place to direct people to the doctor’s office. It should offer directions.
  • Doctors can offer resources on their website, meaning links to other websites where prospective patients can find information that will help them.
  • A website for a doctor should contain clearly written content that puts the reader at ease and gives them confidence about the doctor. It should include the doctor’s credentials, Board certifications, the college and medical school he attended. List post-graduate work and certifications.

There are many dignified ways for a doctor to promote his practice. Here are just a few:

  1. Articles in local magazines and newspapers.
  2. Speaking engagements at local meetings and professional groups.
  3. Being available to reporters as a source for inclusion in articles and on TV.
  4. Link from a professional association to your website and vice versa.

For more information about websites for doctors, call Arlene Hauben: 305-206-4488


About Arlene

I am a journalist and marketing writer with a general business background. For more than 25 years, I have worked with professionals in health care, technology, law, financial services, and other disciplines to develop and write articles, web content, and marketing communications that represent their accomplishments and expertise. Currently based in South Florida, I can also be found in New York City, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, three locales where you can enjoy great food, meet fascinating people, and experience awesome scenery and urban sights.
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