Lady Gaga’s Egg

Lady Gaga made a grand entrance in a plastic egg at last night’s Grammy Awards. Even though it must have been hot and stuffy in that egg, this unusual stunt is a sure bet to make headlines in the newspapers and get on Twitter. Lady Gaga likes to get publicity.

But you have to ask yourself: Is this the kind of publicity you want to get? It may work for Lady Gaga because her acts are all about sensationalism. She evidently wants to be portrayed as a way-out there edgy performer wearing bizarre costumes that are more art than clothes.

I give her a lot of credit for putting herself in that hot little egg. It was amazing that she could emerge from the egg (be born) and start dancing up a storm. Most people’s muscles would be cramped up and stiff all over.

I write this blog today about the famous lady and the egg because we all have to consider how we are going to get publicity. If you were a CEO or lawyer, you obviously would not show up at a board meeting to announce something important wearing an egg on your head. If you were Steve Jobs presenting a new life-changing mobile device, you would not come dressed in astronaut clothes. And if you were Mark Zuckerberg, you would not be in a blue suit. You would be wearing sneakers and a hoodie.

We all want to portray ourselves in accordance with our profession and our product. Stay with your brand. I don’t see the egg in keeping with Lady Gaga’s image — even though her PR person kept saying she was gestating or something like that.

In the end, the egg didn’t help her to win the Best Album Grammy.  It’s not always about what you wear or what stunt you arrange; winning awards is about ability, class and genius. Albert Einstein knew that it comes down to that. I guess that’s why he never combed his hair. Oh, well.


About Arlene

I am a journalist and marketing writer with a general business background. For more than 25 years, I have worked with professionals in health care, technology, law, financial services, and other disciplines to develop and write articles, web content, and marketing communications that represent their accomplishments and expertise. Currently based in South Florida, I can also be found in New York City, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, three locales where you can enjoy great food, meet fascinating people, and experience awesome scenery and urban sights.
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