Starting a Student Blog

Blogging is becoming quite popular in society, and many people are trying their hand at it. Some students are giving it a go and chronicling their lives at high school or college, and professors and teachers are also using them to stay in contact with their classes. What are some of the benefits associated with such processes?

Starting Conversations
In the classroom, some students are a bit shy when it comes to raising their hands; however, they have absolutely brilliant ideas inside of their minds. When you, the instructor, start a blog, you’re allowing these students to have a voice. Generally, people are less afraid to voice their opinions over the Internet. In the beginning, you may even allow them to use anonymous names on the blog, but you should know who is who.

Documenting Homework
Are you tired of hearing students tell you that they couldn’t complete an assignment because they didn’t know about it? Put an end to that pandemonium now by documenting all of your assignments on the blog. Of course, a paper copy is always a wise idea too, but students tend to lose these. When the information is posted on the blog, they have no excuse as to why they couldn’t find the requirements for the task. Make checking the blog a part of their daily homework routine.

Documenting Your Story
Now, let’s take a look at blogs that are actually written by students. Consider the ways in which a student blog might help other people. If you are attending university, you could write about your days there, how the classes are, what the food really tastes like and how many different types of clubs are active on the campus. Aren’t these the inside details that you would’ve liked to have known when you were searching for colleges? By giving students an inside perspective, you will be helping them out. If the blog puts a positive spin on the college, then maybe the school will want to use it for promotional purposes.

Creating a Career
One of the main goals of college is to educate yourself and find a career that you love, and blogging can certainly be a part of that. This activity is particularly helpful for individuals majoring in English or journalism; however, it can serve as a major resume booster in several different fields. Choosing to blog now could help you land an internship or a job later on down the road. The blog will not only showcase your interests and hobbies, but it will also let your potential bosses know that you have top notch writing skills. It’s always so important to be able to effectively communicate with other individuals, regardless of what field you are in.

Whether you are a student or an instructor, starting a blog with education as its main focus has some serious benefits. You might wind up making a job for yourself in the future, or you may end up getting less late homework assignments than ever before.

Author Jason Harter enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer for best online colleges for business degrees



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