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Lady Gaga’s Egg

Lady Gaga made a grand entrance in a plastic egg at last night’s Grammy Awards. Even though it must have been hot and stuffy in that egg, this unusual stunt is a sure bet to make headlines in the newspapers … Continue reading

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Hiring a Freelance Writer

Welcome to our Guest Blogger, Taqiyyah Shakirah Dawud. 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Freelance Writer If you need content written for your business, searching out a professional can be a daunting task. How do you find a good writer without … Continue reading

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Political PR

Public Officials Need PR Getting elected to public office requires PR or media relations. The candidate’s name needs to appear in local newspapers so voters become familiar with it. Voters may not know about the politics of the individual but … Continue reading

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Websites for Doctors

Should Doctors Have Websites? Prior to the digital age, doctors and lawyers thought it was unprofessional to advertise or promote their services. Most of the time, they received new patients and clients through referrals. One person would tell another about a … Continue reading

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Creating Facebook Fan Pages

The ABC’s of Facebook Fan Pages Although Facebook was not originally intended as a professional tool, it certainly has become effective as a business tool to promote your business. Most companies and organization have a Facebook Fan Page to build and … Continue reading

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Bloggers help promote products

Blogs can become communities where people go to learn from each other about what’s good to buy. Think of bloggers as reviewers and product endorsers. Companies like General Mills are finding that bloggers are a great way to reach customers … Continue reading

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Social Media – Will it get you publicity?

If used correctly, social media will get you publicity. Just remember that social media promotion and online marketing must work in conjunction with traditional marketing methods, such as: Brand building Advertising Signage Trade shows Public relations Media coverage Referrals All … Continue reading

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